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is a municipality in the Carazo department of Nicaragua, with a · Dolores · El Rosario · Jinotepe · La Conquista · La Paz de Carazo ¡Matateco Dio mispiales Diriamba! When you visit Diriamba you'll leave satisfied, educated and awestruck. is the cradle of the Güegüense. ¡Matateco Dio mispiales Diriamba! Disfrute su visita por Diriamba. Diriamba está ubicada en el departamento de Carazo, Nicaragua, en una zona The telephone dialing code for: Diriamba, Nicaragua The country code is: 505 The city code is: 42 · Dolores · El Rosario · Jinotepe · La Conquista Google maps Diriamba gazetteer. Complete list of google satellite map locations in Diriamba, Nicaragua.

This page is related to (administrative region) Get live, local weather conditions for Diriamba, Nicaragua. World Weather > Central America and the Caribbean Weather > Nicaragua Weather > Local news for Diriamba, Nicaragua continually updated from thousands of sources on the web. Fuelwood Plantation near offers Diriamba, Nicaragua<% if (PostedBlogNumber > 0) Home > Hotel Directory > Nicaragua > Carazo > NEVOSH January 2003 Mission to Jinotepe, Nicaragua. Mission Report | Registration Around Diriamba. Around Montelimar.

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