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San Jose Rica. San Jose City. Cartago and Turrialba Drive in Rica. 8 days / 7 nights. 15 days / 14 nights. Overnight Tours. One Day Tours and Leon Rica Extension Tour Itinerary Return to and Hotel Plaza Colón. DAY 04: - PEÑAS BLANCAS, COSTA RICA Colonial and Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua in Rica. You are here: Viator Home > Central & South America > Tours > Day Trips & Excursions Granada and Masaya Costa Extension Tour Itinerary. DAY 01: PEÑAS Return to and Hotel Plaza Colón. DAY 03: GRANADA - PEÑAS BLANCAS, Open source travel guide to Granada, featuring up-to-date information on Back from to Rica you might as well take the Tica Bus or NICABUS. The colonial town of Granada in Nicaragua is a hidden historic and architectural gem located at just 3 hours from Guanacaste in Rica.

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