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Jinotepe is a city in Nicaragua located in Department of Carazo in the South Retrieved from "" Jinotepe is a municipality in the Carazo department of Nicaragua. Diriamba · Dolores · El Rosario · · La Conquista · La Paz de Carazo Eco Tec & Grupo Sofonias. Jinotepe Nicaragua. 10,297 Bikes A truck driver in Jinotepe, must travel about 10 km daily to reach the garage where he works. Home. Nicaragua. A great Barrier- Reflective Essay -None at the moment -Matagalpa -Granada/Masaya -Managua -Pochomil. Jinotepe NEVOSH January 2003 Mission to Jinotepe, Nicaragua It is written about our Jinotepe 2003 mission. For your information, is the capital of the NEVOSH January 2003 Mission to Jinotepe, Nicaragua.

Mission Report | Registration Around Jinotepe. Around Diriamba. Around Montelimar. Around San Juan del Sur Britannica online encyclopedia article on Jinotepe (Nicaragua), city, southwestern Nicaragua. It is situated in the Diriamba Highlands at an elevation of 1,867 feet . .

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