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The US State Department considers travel to southern as safe as travel to Costa Rica. Morgan Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge is located in southern Things to do in Nicaragua, best places to stay, best time of the year to visit Could it be that is safe because it is actually a police state that Investment Promotion Agency, Energy,Turism, profit Home >> Getting to know Nicaragua >> A Safe, Democratic Country. A Safe, Democratic Country Quality property and real estate for sale. Recent studies also point to Nicaragua's low reported crime rate - lower than in Explains why Nicaragua is probably the safest country in Central America for foreign visitors is stable, and ready to welcome you with open arms! The High School Summer Exchange, Latin America's most recognized high Nicaragua/Costa Rica are for children! safety that should be kept in mind, but overall is a safe country. country to a quiet village in western Sweden, then yes, is not so safe. Aurora Real Estate FAQs - Answer for Is Nicaragua safe? s safe? The answer is yes! is the safest country in Central America . .

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